Eppendorf F45-30-11 30 Position Rotor for 5810 5810R 5804 5804R




Eppendorf F45-30-11 30 Position Fixed Angle Rotor

The Eppendorf F45-30-11 Rotor is popular for use with Eppendorf Centrifuges 5810/5810R and 5804/5804R due to its ability for high capacity, accomodating up to 30 1.5mL/2mL tubes. With the appropriate adapters 2mL PCR tubes, 0.4mL or 0.5mL Vessel tubes, and 0.6mL Microtainers can also be used in this rotor.


  • Fixed 45 degree angle
  • 14,000 rpm / 20,800 x g
  • Max. load (adapter, tube and contents): 30 × 3.75 g